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An  act  unjustly done by the countenance  of an office, being grounded upon corruption, to which the,  office is as a shadow and color. Plow. 64. Day  v. National Bond & Investment  Co., Mo.App., 99 S.W.2d 117,  119.

A claim  or assumption of right  to do an act by virtue of an office, made by a person who is legally destitute  of any such right. Feller v. Gates, 40 Or. 543, 67 P. 416, 56 L.R.A. 630, 91 Am.St.Rep.  492; Citizens' Bank of Colquitt v. American Surety Co. of New York, 174 Ga. 852, 164 S.E. 817; Pontiac Trust Co. v. Newell,  266 Mich. 490, 254 N.W. 178, 181.

Such person must be at least officer de  factor. Burrall v. Acker, 23 Wend., N.Y.,  606,  35 Am.Dec. 582;  Day v. National Bond & Investment Co., Mo.App., 99 S.W.2d 117, See, also, Colore Officii.

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