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A liquor compounded of malt and hops, differing from ales, not so much in its ingredients as in its processes of fermentation.

A brewed liquor made of grain, especially barley, flavored with hops, which has undergone fermentation and contains alcohol. State v. Lynch, 5 Boyce (Del.) 569, 96 A. 32. An alcoholic beverage resulting from the fermentation of cereals or other starchy substances. U. S. v. Standard Brewery, D.C.Md., 260 F. 486, 487.

In its ordinary sense, it denotes a beverage which is in toxicating; Moffitt v. People, 59 Colo. 406, 149 P. 104, 107; Hoskins v. Commonwealth, 171 Ky. 204, 188 S.W. 348, 349; and is within the fair meaning of the words "strong or spirituous liquors," used in the statutes on this subject. Maier v. State, 2 Tex.Civ.App. 296, 21 S.W. 974.

But also held that "liquor," in common parlance, does not ordinarily mean "beer." Lea v. State, 181 S.W.2d 351, 353, 181 Tenn. 378.

Any liquor, whether intoxicating or not, made by the usual process of making beer, although fermentation is arrested to reduce the percentage of alcohol. Brown v. State, 17 Ariz. 314, 152 P. 578, 582.

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