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Inclination; bent; prepossession; a pre conceived opinion; a predisposition to decide a cause or an issue in a certain way, which does not leave the mind perfectly open to conviction. Maddox v. State, 32 Ga. 587, 79 Am.Dec. 307; Pierson v. State, 18 Tex.App. 558. To incline to one side. Yarbrough v. Mallory, 225 Ala. 579, 144 So. 447, 448. Condition of mind, which sways judgment and renders judge unable to exercise his functions impartially in particular case. Evans v. Superior Court in and for Los Angeles County, 107 Cal.App. 372, 290 P. 662, 665.

As used in law regarding disqualification of judge, refers to mental attitude or disposition of the judge toward a party to the litigation, and not to any views that he may entertain regarding the subject matter involved. State ex rel. Mitchell v. Sage Stores Co., 157 Kan. 622, 143 P.2d 652, 655.

Actual bias consists in the existence of a state of mind on the part of the juror which satisfies the court, in the exercise of a sound discretion, that the juror cannot try the issues impartially and without prejudice to the substantial rights of the party challenging. People v. Wells, 100 Cal. 227, 34 P. 718.

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