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The hollow or channel of a water course; the depression between the banks worn by the regular and usual flow of the water.

Soil only which the water occupies sufficiently long and continuously to wrest it from vegetation

and destroy its value for agricultural purposes. State ex rel. O'Connor v. Sorenson, 271 N.W. 234, 236, 222 Iowa 1248.

The land that is covered by the water in its ordinary low stage. Wemple v. Eastham, 150 La. 247, 90 So. 637, 638.

That portion of its soil which is alternately covered and left bare as there may be an increase or diminution in the supply of water, and which is adequate to contain it at its average and mean state during an entire year. Mau frais v. State, 142 Tex. 559, 180 S.W.2d 144, 147.

Area extending between the opposing banks measured from the foot of the banks from the top of the water at its ordinary stage, including sand bars which may exist between the foot of said banks as thus defined. Town of Refugio v. Heard, Tex.Civ.App., 95 S.W.2d 1008, 1010.

It includes the lands below ordinary high water mark. United States v. Chicago, M., St. P. & P. R. Co., 61 S.Ct. 772, 775, 312 U.S. 592, 313 U.S. 543; 85 L. Ed. 1064.

Bed of navigable lake extends to high water mark. Miami Corporation v. State, 186 La. 784, 173 So. 315.

Also, the right of cohabitation or marital inter- course; as in the phrase "divorce from bed and board," or a mensa et thoro.

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