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A conviction of the truth of a proposition, existing subjectively in the mind, and induced by argument, persuasion, or proof addressed to the judgment. Keller v. State, 102 Ga. 506, 31 S.E. 92.

Latrobe v. J. H. Cross Co., D.C.Pa., 29 F.2d 210, A conclusion arrived at from external sources after weighing probability. Ex parte State ex rel. Attorney General, 100 So. 312, 313, 211 Ala. 1.

Conviction of the mind, arising not from actual perception or knowledge, but by way of inference, or from evidence received or information derived from others.

A conviction of the truth of a given proposition or an alleged fact resting upon grounds insufficient to constitute positive knowledge. Boone v. Merchants' & Farmers' Bank, D.C.N.C., 285 F. 183, 191.

With regard to things which make not a very deep impression on the memory, it may be called "belief." "Knowledge" is nothing more than a man's firm belief. The difference is ordinarily merely in the degree; to be judged of by the court, when addressed to the court; by the jury, when addressed to the jury. Hatch v. Carpenter, 9 Gray (Mass.) 274.

Knowledge is an assurance of a fact or proposition founded on perception by the senses, or intuition; while "belief" is an assurance gained by evidence, and from other persons. Brooks v. Sessoms, 47 Ga.App. 554, 171 S.E. 222, 224.

"Suspicion" is weaker than "belief," since suspicion requires no real foundation for its existence. while "be- lief" is necessarily based on at least assumed facts. Pen. Code, § 836, subd. 3. Cook v. Singer Sewing Mach. Co., 32 P.2d 430, 431, 138 Cal.App. 418.


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