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Definition of DOTE

n. In Spanish law. The marriage portion of a wife. White, New Recop. b. 1, tit. 6, c. 1. The property which the wife gives to the husband on account of marriage, or for the purpose of supporting the matrimonial expenses. Id. b. 1, tit. 7, c. 1, § 1; Schm.Civil Law, 75; Cutter v. Waddingham, 22 Mo. 254; Hart v. Burnett, 15 Cal. 566; Las Partidas, 4. 11. 1; Escriche, Dic. Raz. Dote.

v. To be besotted, delirious, silly, or insane. Gates v. Meredith, 7 Ind. 441.

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