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Definition of DONATION

A gift. Mills v. Stewart, 76 Mont. 429, 247 P. 332, 334, 47 A.L.R. 424; Darnell v. Equity Life Ins. Co.'s Receiver, 179 Ky. 465, 200 S. W. 967, 972; Fairfield v. Huntington, 23 Ariz. 528, 205 P. 814, 815, 22 A.L.R. 1438. United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America v. Rogers, 165 Okl. 131, 25 P.2d 57. See Donatio.

As sometimes used, however, the term does not necessarily mean an absolute gift without any condition or consideration whatever. International & G. N. Ry. Co. v. Anderson County, Tex.Civ.App., 174 S.W. 305, 315.

A donation of real estate is certainly not a mortgage or privilege but is a transfer of property of a peculiar kind, subject to revocation, sometimes without cause, and always subject to reduction at the suit of the forced heirs of the donor. Bank of Delphi v. Lea, 139 La. 730, 72 So. 187, 188.

In ecclesiastical law. A mode of acquiring a benefice by deed of gift alone, without presentation, institution, or induction. 3 Steph.Comm. 81.

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