Full Hearing

Definition of Full Hearing

Embraces not only the right to present evidence, but also a reasonable opportunity to know the claims of the opposing party, and to meet them. Morgan v. U. S., 304 U.S. 1, 58 S.Ct. 773, 776, 777, 82 L.Ed. 1129. One in which ample opportunity is afforded to all parties to make, by evidence and argument, a showing fairly adequate to establish the propriety or impropriety from the standpoint of justice and law of the step asked to be taken. Akron, C. & Y. Ry. Co. v. U. S., 261 U.S. 184, 43 S.Ct. 270, 67 L.Ed. 605.

That's the definition of Full Hearing in Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition. Courtesy of Cekhukum.com.