Definition of Fuero

In Spanish law, a law; a code.

A general usage or custom of a province, having the force of law. Ir contra fuero, to violate a received custom.

A grant of privileges and immunities. Conceder fueros, to grant exemptions.

A charter granted to a city or town. Also designated as "cartas pueblos."

An act of donation made to an individual, a church, or convent, on certain conditions.

A declaration of a magistrate, in relation to taxation, fines, etc.

A charter granted by the sovereign, or those having authority from him, establishing the franchises of towns, cities, etc.

A place where justice is administered. A peculiar forum, before which a party is amenable.

The jurisdiction of a tribunal, which is entitled to take cognizance of a cause; as fuero ecclesiastico, fuero militar

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