Definition of Frontage

Linear distance of property along street, highway, river, or lake. Extent of front along road or street. Tzeses v. Barbahenn, 125 N.J.L. 643, 17 A.2d 539, 540. The line of property on a public street. Jagendorf v. City of Memphis, Tenn., 520 S.W.2d 333, 335. Space available for erection of buildings, and does not include cross streets or space occupied by sidewalk or any ornamental spaces in plat between sidewalks and curb. The expense of local improvements made by municipal corporations (such as paving, curbing, and sewering) is generally assessed on abutting property owners in proportion to the "frontage” of their lots on the street or highway, and an assessment so levied being called a "frontage assessment.”

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