Definition of From

As used as a function word, implies a starting point, whether it be of time, place, or condition; and meaning having a starting point of motion, noting the point of departure, origin, withdrawal, etc., as he traveled "from” New York to Chicago. Silva v. MacAuley, 135 Cal.App. 249, 26 P.2d 887. One meaning of "from” is "out of’. Word "from” or "after” an event or day does not have an absolute and invariable meaning, but each should receive an inclusion or exclusion construction according to intention with which such word is used. Acme Life Ins. Co. v. White, Tex.Civ.App., 99 S.W.2d 1059, 1060. Words "from” and "to,” used in contract, may be given meaning to which reason and sense entitles them, under circumstances of case. Woodruff v. Adams, 134 Cal.App. 490, 25 P.2d 529.

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