Fresh pursuit

Definition of Fresh pursuit

Refers to common-law right of police officer to cross jurisdictional lines in order to arrest a felon. Carson v. Pape, 15 Wis.2d 300, 112 N.W.2d 693, 697. Several states have adopted the Uniform Extraterritorial Arrest on Fresh Pursuit Act. Basically, the law permits a police officer, of a state which has enacted the Act, to enter a state, which has enacted a similar Act, if he is in fresh pursuit and he can continue in fresh pursuit, of a person in order to arrest him on the ground that he had committed a felony in the state of the pursuing officer. The officer has the same powers of arrest and to hold in custody as the law enforcement officials of the state that he has entered.

Also refers to Fourth Amendment doctrine allowing warrantless searches and arrests where police pursue a fleeing suspect into a protected area.

One from whom property has been taken may use reasonable force to retake it if such force is used immediately after the taking. Sometimes referred to as hot pursuit.

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