Definition of Found

A person is said to be "found” within a state for purposes of service of process when actually present therein. But only if a person is in a place voluntarily and not by reason of plaintiff’s fraud, artifice, or trick for purpose of obtaining service. Shields v. Shields, 115 Mont. 146, 139 P.2d 528, 530, 531. It does not necessarily mean physical presence, e.g. defendant who, after removal of action for breach of contract to federal court, entered general appearance, defended on the merits, and filed counterclaim, was "found” in the district. Freeman v. Bee Mach. Co., Mass., 319 U.S. 448, 63 S.Ct. 1146, 1149, 87 L.Ed. 1509. As applied to a corporation it is necessary that it be doing business in such state through an officer or agent or by statutory authority in such manner as to render it liable then to suit and to constructive or substituted service of process. A corporation is "found” in a district for venue purposes if it is subject to personal jurisdiction in that district. Stith v. Manor Baking Co., D.C.Mo., 418 F.Supp. 150, 155. See also Locate; Service (Service of process).

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