Definition of Forfeit

To lose, or lose the right to, by some error, fault, offense, or crime; or to subject, as property, to forfeiture or confiscation. To lose, in consequence of breach of contract, neglect of duty, or offense, some right, privilege, or property to another or to the State. United States v. Chavez, C.C.A.N.M., 87 F.2d 16, 19, To incur a penalty; to become liable to the payment of a sum of money, as the consequence of a certain act. It can be a loss of position or personal right, as well as property. State v. Norton, 57 Or.App. 679, 646 P.2d 53,55.

To lose an estate, a franchise, or other property belonging to one, by the act of the law, and as a consequence of some misfeasance, negligence, default, or omission. It is a deprivation (that is, against the will of the losing party), with the property either transferred to another or resumed by the original grantor.

See also Forfeiture; Seizure.

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