Definition of Foreseeability

The ability to see or know in advance; e.g. the reasonable anticipation that harm or injury is a likely result from certain acts or omissions. Emery v. Thompson, 347 Mo. 494, 148 S.W.2d 479, 480. In tort law, the "foreseeability” element of proximate cause is established by proof that actor, as person of ordinary intelligence and prudence, should reasonably have anticipated danger to others created by his negligent act. Northwest Mall, Inc. v. Lubri-Lon Intern., Inc., Tex.App. 14 Dist., 681 S.W.2d 797, 803. That which is objectively reasonable to expect, not merely what might conceivably occur. Augenstine v. Dico Co., Inc., 1 Dist., 135 Ill. App.3d 273, 90 IU.Dec. 314, 317, 481 N.E.2d 1225, 1228. See also Assumption of risk.

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