Definition of For

Fr. In French law, a tribunal. Le for interieur, the interior forum; the tribunal of conscience.

In behalf of, in place of, in lieu of, instead of, representing, as being which, or equivalent to which, and sometimes imports agency. Medler v. Henry, 44 N.M. 63, 97 P.2d 661, 662. During; throughout; for the period of, as, where a notice is required to be published "for” a certain number of weeks or months. Duration, when put in connection with time. Progressive Building & Loan Ass’n v. McIntyre, 169 Tenn. 491, 89 S.W.2d 336, 337.

In consideration for; as an equivalent for; in exchange for; in place of; as where property is agreed to be given "for” other property or "for” services.

Belonging to, exercising authority or functions within, as where one describes himself as "a notary public in and for the said county.”

By reason of; with respect to; for benefit of; for use of; in consideration of. The cause, motive or occasion of an act, state or condition. American Ins. Co. v. Naylor, 103 Colo. 461, 87 P.2d 260, 265. Used in sense of "because of,” "on account of,” or "in consequence of.” Kelly v. State Personnel Board of California, 31 Cal. App.2d 443, 88 P.2d 264, 266. By means of, or growing out of.

It connotes the end with reference to which anything is, acts, serves, or is done. In consideration of which, in view of which, or with reference to which, anything is done or takes place. In direction of; with view of reaching; with reference to needs, purposes or uses of; appropriate or adapted to; suitable to purpose, requirement, character or state of.

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