Definition of Fixed

Prices are "fixed” when they are mutually agreed upon. United States v. Masonite Corporation, 316 U.S. 265, 62 S.Ct. 1070, 1076, 86 L.Ed. 1461. See Fixed prices; Price-fixing.

In copyright law, a work is "fixed” in a tangible medium of expression when its embodiment in a copy or phonorecord, by or under the authority of the author, is sufficiently permanent or stable to permit it to be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated for a period of more than transitory duration. A work consisting of sounds, images, or both, that are being transmitted, is "fixed” for purposes of this title if a fixation of the work is being made simultaneously with its transmission. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C.A. § 101.

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