Definition of Feodum

This word (meaning a feud or fee) is the one most commonly used by the older English law-writers, though its equivalent, "feudum” (q.v,), is used generally by the more modern writers and by the feudal law-writers. There were various classes of feoda, among which may be enumerated the following: Feodum laicum, a lay fee. Feodum militare, a knight’s fee. Feodum improprium, an improper or derivative fee. Feodum proprium, a proper and original fee, regulated by the strict rules of feudal succession and tenure. Feodum simplex, a simple or pure fee; fee-simple. Feodum talliatum, a fee-tail.

In old English law, a seigniory or jurisdiction. A fee, a perquisite or compensation for a service.

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