Fee tail

Definition of Fee tail

A freehold estate in which there is a fixed line of inheritable succession limited to the issue of the body of the grantee or devisee, and in which the regular and general succession of heirs at law is cut off. Coleman v. Shoemaker, 147 Kan. 689, 78 P.2d 905, 907.

An estate tail; an estate of inheritance given to a man and the heirs of his body, or limited to certain classes of particular heirs. It corresponds to the feudum talliatum of the feudal law, and the idea is believed to have been borrowed from the Roman law, where, by way of fidei commissa, lands might be entailed upon children and freedmen and their descendants, with restrictions as to alienation. For the varieties and special characteristics of this kind of estate, see Tail, Estate in.

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