Definition of Examination

An investigation; search; inspection; interrogation.

Abstract of title. An investigation of the abstract of title made by or for a person who intends to purchase real estate, to ascertain the history and present condition of the title to such land, and its status with reference to liens, incumbrances, clouds, etc. to determine if marketable title exists.

Bankruptcy. Questioning of bankrupt during course of bankruptcy proceedings (first meeting of creditors) concerning extent of his debts and assets, conduct of his business, the cause of his bankruptcy, his dealings with his creditors and other persons, the amount, kind, and whereabouts of his property, and all matters which may affect the administration and settlement of his estate. Bankruptcy Act, § 343.

Criminal procedure. An investigation by a magistrate of a person who has been charged with crime and arrested, or of the facts and circumstances which are alleged to have attended the crime, in order to ascertain whether there is sufficient ground to hold him to bail for his trial by the proper court. The preliminary hearing to determine whether person charged with having committed a crime should be held for trial. See Court of Inquiry; Examining court; Examining trial; Preliminary hearing.

Discovery. See Deposition; Discovery; Interrogatories.

Invention. An inquiry made at the patent-office, upon application for a patent, into the novelty and utility of the alleged invention, and as to its interfering with any other patented invention. 35 U.S.C.A. § 36.

Witnesses. The examination of a witness consists of the series of questions put to him by a party to the action, or his counsel, for the purpose of bringing before the court and jury in legal form the knowledge which the witness has of the facts and matters in dispute, or of probing and sifting his evidence previously given.

See also Cross-examination; Direct examination; Leading question; Preliminary hearing; Re-cross amination; Redirect examination; Reexamination; Separate examination. As regards examination of witnesses prior to trial, see Deposition; Interrogatories. As regards compulsory examination, see Subpoena.

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