Definition of Eviction

Dispossession by process of law; the act of depriving a person of the possession of land or rental property which he has held or leased. Act of turning a tenant out of possession, either by re-entry or legal proceedings, such as an action of ejectment. Deprivation of lessee of possession of premises or disturbance of lessee in beneficial enjoyment so as to cause tenant to abandon the premises (the latter being constructive conviction). Estes v. Gatliff, 291 Ky. 93, 163 S.W.2d 273, 276.

See also Actual eviction; Constructive eviction; Ejectment; Forcible entry and detainer; Notice to quit; Partial eviction; Retaliatory eviction; Total eviction.

That's the definition of Eviction in Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition. Courtesy of Cekhukum.com.