Equitable Lien

Definition of Equitable Lien

A right, not existing at law, to have specific property applied in whole or in part to payment of a particular debt or class of debts. Morrison Flying Service v. Deming Nat. Bank, C.A.N.M., 404 F.2d 856, 861. An equitable lien arises either from a written contract which shows an intention to charge some particular property with a debt or obligation or is implied and declared by a court of equity out of general considerations of right and justice as applied to relations of the parties and circumstances of their dealings. Owensboro Banking Co. v. Lewis, 269 Ky. 277, 106 S.W.2d 1000, 1004; Clark v. Armstrong & Murphy, 180 Okl. 514, 72 P.2d 362, 365, 366.

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