Definition of Epilepsy

Epilepsy, a disruption of the normal rhythm of the brain, is an occasional, periodic, excessive and disorderly discharge of nerve cells in the brain. The discharge is chemical-electrical in nature. While the discharge itself is hidden, it manifests itself in various forms oLyisible activity, called seizures. The type of seizures will vary according to the location of die discharge in the brain, and the spread of the charge from cell to cell. In many cases, seizures are so mild (a brief twitch, a momentary attention loss) that they are not recognized. Even when they are, they have a minimal effect. A major convulsion which the public tends immediately to associate with epilepsy is only one of a number of seizure types.

That's the definition of Epilepsy in Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition. Courtesy of Cekhukum.com.