Edictum Theodorici

Definition of Edictum Theodorici

This is the first collection of law that was made after the downfall of the Roman power in Italy. It was promulgated by Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths, at Rome in A.D. 500. It consists of 154 chapters, in which we recognize parts taken from the Code and Novelise of Theodosius, from the Codices Gregorianus and Hermogenianus, and the Sententiae of Paulus. The edict was doubtless drawn up by Roman writers, but the original sources are more disfigured and altered than in any other compilation. This collection of law was intended to apply both to the Goths and the Romans, so far as its provisions went; but, when it made no alteration in the Gothic law, that law was still to be in force.

That's the definition of Edictum Theodorici in Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition. Courtesy of Cekhukum.com.