Definition of Earnings

Income. That which is earned; i.e. money earned from performance of labor, services, sale of goods, etc. The price of services performed; the reward from labor or the price received for personal services, whether in money or chattels. The fruit or reward of labor; the fruits of the proper skill, experience, and industry; the gains of a person derived from his services or labor without the aid of capital; money or property gained or merited by labor, service, or the performance of something. Term is broader in meaning than “wages.” See also Commissions; Compensation; Dividend; Gross earnings; Income; Premium; Retained earnings; Salary; Wages.

Gross earnings. Total income before deducting expenditures. Receipts from employment of capital, without deduction for expenses incurred. See also Income.

Net earnings. Net earnings (income) are the excess of the gross earnings over the expenditures incurred in producing them. Such may be determined before or after deduction of income taxes. See also Income.

Surplus earnings. See Surplus.

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