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Definition of DOCTOR

v. To prescribe or treat medically or to treat as a doctor or physician. Haines v. Indiana Trust Co., 95 Ind.App. 651, 131 N.E. 89, 91.

n. A learned man; one qualified to give instruction of the higher order in a science or art; particularly, one who has received the highest academical degree in his art or faculty, as, a Doctor of Laws, medicine, or theology. In colloquial language, however, the term is practically restricted to practitioners of medicine. Harrison v. State, 102 Ala. 170, 15 So. 563; State v. McKnight, 131 N.C. 717, 42 S.E. 580, 59 L.R.A. 187. But it is not synonymous with surgeon. State v. Miller, 59 N.D. 286, 229 N.W. 569, 574.

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