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Definition of DEVICE

An invention or contrivance; any result of design; as in the phrase "gambling device," which means a machine or contrivance of any kind for the playing of an unlawful game of chance or hazard. State v. Blackstone, 115 Mo. 424, 22 S.W. 370. Also, a plan or project; a scheme to trick or deceive; a stratagem or artifice; as in the laws relating to fraud and cheating. State v. Smith, 82 Minn. 342, 85 N.W. 12. Also, an emblem, pictorial representation, or distinguishing mark or sign of any kind; as in the laws prohibiting the marking of ballots used in public elections with "any device." Baxter v. Ellis, 111 N.C. 124, 15 S.E. 938, 17 L.R.A. 382.

In a statute against gaming devices, this term is to be understood as meaning something formed by design, a contrivance, an invention. It is to be distinguished from "substitute," which means something put in the place of another thing or used instead of something else. Henderson v. State, 59 Ala. 91.

In Patent Law

A plan or contrivance, or an application, adjustment, shaping, or combination of materials or members, for the purpose of accomplishing a particular result or serving a particular use, chiefly by mechanical means and usually simple in character or not highly complex, but involving the exercise of the inventive faculty.

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