Definition of DETERMINATION in Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition – Legal dictionary – Glossary of legal terms.


The decision of a court of justice. It implies an ending or finality, the ending of a controversy or . suit. People v. Jackson, 181 N.Y.S. 226, 191 App.Div. 269. The ending or expiration of an estate or interest in property, or of a right, power, or authority. The coming to an end in any way whatever. Hanchett Bond Co. v. Glore, 208 Mo.App. 169, 232 S.W. 159, 160.

Also, an estimate. Unton v. Liverpool, London & Globe Ins. Co., 166 Minn. 273, 207 N.W. 625, 626.

As respects an assessment, the term implies judgment and decision after weighing the facts; Appeal of Hoskins Mfg. Co., 270 Mich. 592, 259 N.W. 334, not mere arithmetical computation. Hanlon v. Rollins, 286 Mass. 404, 190 N.E. 606, 608.

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