Definition of DESCRIPTIVE in Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition – Legal dictionary – Glossary of legal terms.

Definition of DESCRIPTIVE

Containing a description; serving or aiming to describe; having the quality of representing. Sawyer Stores v. Mitchell, 103 Mont. 148, 62 P.2d 342, 348.

Descriptive words are not susceptible of exclusive adoption by any one as part of a corporate name. Sterling Products Corporation v. Sterling Products, D.C.N.Y., 43 F.Supp. 548, 550; are not registerable under the Trade-Mark Act § 2; 15 U.S.C.A. § 1052. Judson Dunaway Corp. v. Hygienic Products Corp., 178 F.2d 461; and cannot ordinarily form the basis for an injunction against their use by another on ground of unfair competition. Merlino v. Schmetz, 66 R.I. 425, 20 A.2d 266, 268.

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