Definition of DEPRIVATION in Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition – Legal dictionary – Glossary of legal terms.

Definition of DEPRIVATION

In English ecclesiastical law. The taking away from a clergyman of his benefice or other spiritual promotion or dignity, either by sentence declaratory in the proper court for fit and sufficient causes or in pursuance of divers penal statutes which declare the benefice void for some nonfeasance or neglect, or some malfeasance or crime. 3 Steph.Comm. 87, 88; Burn, Ecc.Law, tit. "Deprivation." See Ayliffe, Parerg. 206; 1 Bla. Comm. 393. See Degradation.

In American law. A taking away; confiscation; as the deprivation of a constitutional right. Thus a taking of property without due process of law; Sundlun v. Zoning Board of Review of City of Pawtucket, 50 R.I. 108, 145 A. 451, 454; or of liberty. Lynch v. City of Muskogee, D.C.Okl., 47 F.Supp. 589, 592.

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