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Definition of DECIMZE

In ecclesiastical law. Tenths, or tithes. The tenth part of the annual profit of each living, payable formerly to the pope. There were several valuations made of these livings at different times. The decimce (tenths) were appropriated to the crown, and a new valuation established, by 26 Hen. VIII., c. 3. 1 Bl.Comm. 284. See Tithes.

Decimw debenture paroche. Tithes are due to the parish priest.

Decimce de decimates solvi non debent. Tithes are not to be paid from that which is given for tithes.

Decimx de jure divino et canonica institutione pertinent ad personam. Dal. 50. Tithes belong to the parson by divine right and canonical institution.

Decimm non debent solvi, ubi non est annna renovatio; et ex annuatis renovantibus simui semei. Cro. Jac. 42. Tithes ought not to be paid where there is not an annual renovation, and from annual renovations once only.

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