Definition of DECANUS in Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition – Legal dictionary – Glossary of legal terms.

Definition of DECANUS

In Ecclesiastical and Old European Law

An officer having supervision over ten; a dean. A term applied not only to ecclesiastical, but to civil and military, officers. Decanus monasticus; a monastic dean, or dean of a monastery; an officer over ten monks. Decanus in majori ecclesice; dean of a cathedral church, presiding over ten prebendaries. Decanus episcopi; a bishop's or rural dean, presiding over ten clerks or parishes. Decanus friborgi; dean of a friborg. An officer among the Saxons who presided over a friborg, tithing, decennary, or association of ten inhabitants; otherwise called a "tithing man," or "borsholder," his duties being those of an inferior judicial officer. Du Cange; Spelman, Gloss.; Calvinus, Lex. Decanus militaris; a military officer having command of ten soldiers. Spelman.

In Roman Law

An officer having the command of a company or "mess" of ten soldiers. Also an officer at Constantinople having charge of the burial of the dead. Nov.Jus. 43, 59; Du Cange.

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