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Definition of DEAL

n. An arrangement to attain a desired result by a combination of interested parties; Gaut v. Dunlap, Tex.Civ.App., 188 S.W. 1020, 1021; Ball v. Davenport, 170 Iowa 33, 152 N.W. 69, 71; the prime object being usually the purchase, sale, or exchange of property for a profit; Chambers v. Johnston, 180 Ky. 73, 201 S.W. 488, 493. Also, an act of buying and selling; a bargain. Oregon Home Builders v: Montgomery Inv. Co., 94 Or. 349, 184 P. 487, 493.

A "deal" between two parties includes any transaction of any kind between them, and when applied to a transaction concerning a house or block, the term does not necessarily imply an agreement to sell or convey, for the agreement might be to rent or lease the property. Osborne v. Moore, 112 Tex. 361, 247 S.W. 498, 499.

v. To traffic; to transact business; to trade. See Borg v. International Silver Co., C.C. A.N.Y., 11 F.2d 147, 150. Also, to act between two persons, to intervene, or to have to do with. State v. Morro, 313 Mo. 114, 280 S.W. 697, 699.

To "deal" in a commodity, however, such as automobiles, within the meaning of a privilege tax statute, means something more than the making of an occasional sale in a municipality where the seller has no place of business, and no stock ,of automobiles on hand. City of Pascagoula v. Carter, 136 Miss. 750, 101 So. 687, 688. As to dealing in futures, see Futures.

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