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Definition of DEAD FREIGHT

The amount paid by a charterer for that part of the vessel's capacity which he does not occupy although he has contracted for it. Gray v. Carr, L. R. 6 Q. B. 528; Phillips v. Rodie, 15 East 547.

When the charterer of a vessel has shipped part of the goods on board, and is not ready to ship the remainder, the master, unless restrained by his special contract, may take other goods on board, and the amount which is not supplied, required to complete the cargo, is considered dead freight. The dead freight is to be calculated according to the actual capacity of the vessel. 3 Chit.Com.Law 399; 2 Stark. 450; McCull.Com.Dic.

"Dead freight" is the compensation payable to the shipowner when the charterer has failed to ship a full cargo, and "freight" is recompense the shipowner is to receive for carrying the cargo into its port of discharge. Kish v. Taylor (1912) A.C. 604, 613, citing Carver's Carriage By Sea, par. 666.

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