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Accident; event due to sudden, unexpected or unusual cause; event not to be foreseen or guarded against; inevitable accident; misfortune or mishap; that which comes by chance or without design. A loss from such an event or cause; as by fire, shipwreck, lightning, etc. Story, Bailm. § 240; Gill v. Fugate, 117 Ky. 257, 78 S.W. 191; Farmer's Co-op. Soc. No. 1 of Quanah v. Maryland Casualty Co., Tex.Civ.App., 135 S.W.2d 1033, 1036; Matheson v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, C.C.A., 54 F.2d 537, 539; Stieffen v. Darling, 158 Va. 375, 163 S.E. 353, 354.

Chance; accident; contingency; also that which comes without design or without being foreseen. Bennett v. Howard, 175 Ky. 797, 195 S.W. 117,. 118, L.R.A.1917E, 1075; United States v. Rogers, C.C.A. Cal., 120 F.2d 244, 246.

-Casualties of superiority. In Scotch law. Payments from an inferior to a superior, that is, from a tenant to his lord, which arise upon uncertain events, as opposed to the payment of rent at fixed and stated times. Bell.

-Casualties of wards. In Scotch law. The mails and duties due to the superior in ward holdings.

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