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Prior to; preceding. In the presence of; under the official purview of; as in a magistrate's jurat, "before me personally appeared," etc. State v. Murnane, 172 Minn. 401, 215 N.W. 863.

Thus, an acknowledgment made to an officer over a telephone wire by one who is not present with the officer, is not an acknowledgment "before" the officer. Hutchinson v. State, 79 Fla. 157, 84 So. 151, 154.

In the absence of any statutory provision governing the computation of time, the authorities are uniform that, where an act is required to be done a certain number of days or weeks before a certain other day upon which an  other act is to be done, the day upon which the first act is done is to be excluded from the computation, and the whole number of days or weeks must intervene before the day fixed for doing the second act. Ward v. Walters, 63 Wis. 44, 22 N.W. 844.

When used as a preposition, does not indicate a period of time as do the prepositions "for," "during," and "throughout," but merely an event or act preceding in time, or earlier than, or previously to, the time mentioned. First Nat. Corporation v. Perrine, 43 P.2d 1073, 1077, 99 Mont. 454.

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