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This term, in its ordinary signification, when applied to a place on tide waters means the space between ordinary high and low water mark; East Hampton v. Kirk, 6 Hun (N.Y.) 257; or the space over which the tide usually ebbs and flows. It is a term not more significant of a sea margin than "shore." Niles v. Patch, 13 Gray (Mass.) 257; Hodge v. Boothby, 48 Me. 68.

In common parlance designates that portion of shore consisting generally of sand and pebbles, resulting usually from the action of water, as distinct from the upland, to which it often extends above normal high-water mark. Borden v. Town of Westport, 112 Conn. 152, 151 A. 512, 515.

Beach is synonymous with "shore," "strand," or "flats." Littlefield v. Littlefield, 28 Me. 180.

The term may also include the sandy shore above mean high water which is washed by storms and exceptionally hi gh tides. Newkirk v. Sherwood, 94 A. 982, 984, 89 Conn. 598.

To "beach" a ship is to run it upon the beach or shore; this is frequently found necessary in case of a fire, leak, etc.

See Foreshore; Sea-Shore.

Public Beach

One left by the state or others claiming it open to the common use of the public, which the unorganized public and each of its members have a right to use while it remains such. Brower v. Wakeman, 88 Conn. 8, 89 A. 913, 914.

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