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According to Richelet and the French Academy, a marine term, used to denote a bottom of sand, stone, or rock, mixed together, and rising towards the surface of the water; as a technical word and also in common parlance, an elevation of the bed of a river, under the surface of the water. The term is, however, sometimes used to denote the same elevation of the bank, when it has risen above the surface of the water, or is as high as the land on the outside of the bank. Conkey v. Knudsen, 143 Neb. 5, 8 N.W.2d 538, 541.

In this latter sense it is synonymous with "alluvion." It means, in common-law language, land formed by accretion. Producers' Oil Co. v. Hanszen, 132 La. 691, 61 So. 754.

The term is used in Louisiana, and is applied principally to certain portions of the bed of the Mississippi river which are uncovered at time of low water but are covered annually at time of ordinary high water. Boyce Cottonseed Oil Mfg. Co. v. Board of Com'rs of Red River, Atchafalaya & Bayou Bceuf Levee Dist., 160 La. 727, 107 So. 506, 508.

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