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adj. Low; inferior; servile; of subordinate degree; impure, adulterated, or alloyed.

—Base animal. See Animal.

—Base bullion. Base silver bullion is silver in bars mixed to a greater or less extent with alloys or base materials. Hope Min. Co. v. Kennon, 3 Mont. 44.

—Base coin. Debased, adulterated, or alloyed coin. Gabe v. State, 6 Ark. 540; Cohens v. Virginia, 6 Wheat. 333, 5 L.Ed. 257.

—Base court. In English law. An inferior court, that is, not of record, as the court baron. Cunningham; Kitch. 95, 96; Cowell.

—Base estate. The estate which "base tenants"

(q. v.) have in their land. Cowell.

—Base fee. In English law. An estate or fee which has a qualification subjoined thereto, and which must be determined whenever the qualification annexed to it is at an end. 2 Bl.Comm. 109. Wiggins Ferry Co. v. Railroad Co., 94 Ill. 93; Scobey v. Beckman, 111 Ind.App. 574, 41 N.E.2d 847, 850.

It is a fee for the reason that it may last forever if the contingency does not happen, but debased because its duration depends upon collateral circumstances which qualify it. McIntyre v. Dietrich, 128 N.E. 321, 322, 294 Ill. 126; sometimes called a conditional fee; Citizens' Electric Co. v. Susquehanna Boom Co., 113 A. 559, 561, 270 Pa. 517; a determinable fee; Penick v. Atkinson, 77 S.E. 1055, 1057, 139 Ga. 649, 46 L.R.A.,N.S., 284,

Ann.Cas.1914B, 842; or a qualified fee; In re Douglass' Estate, 143 N.W. 299, 302, 94 Neb. 280, Ann.Cas.1914D, 447. Burche v. Neal, 149 S.E. 611, 612, 107 W.Va. 559.


n. Bottom, foundation, groundwork, that on which a thing rests. Webster.

The locality on which a military or naval force relies for supplies or from which it initiates operations. Webster. For example: air base; military base; marine base; naval base; submarine base.

—Base Hospital. See Hospital.

—Air Base. A military or naval establishment forming a center of supporting activities for the military or naval air arm; a training center for air corps personnel; a place where equipment and supplies of the air corps are kept. The term is included in the word fort. Greenville Baseball v. Bearden, 200 S.C. 363, 20 S.E.2d 813, 816.

—Submarine Base. A naval base for the housing, repair and maintenance of submarines, for keeping supplies; a place where personnel is trained; a place from which operations are initiated.

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