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One who makes a business of shaving and trimming beards and cutting and dressing hair. Dellacorte v. Gentile, 98 N.J.Eq. 194, 129 A. 739, 740.

The term has been held to include a woman, who, being employed in a beauty parlor serving women customers exclusively, cut a woman's hair in the style of bobbed hair. State v. Leftwich, 142 Wash. 329, 253 P. 448, 449, 59 A.L.R. But it has also been thought that the proprietor of a "hairdressing and beauty parlor," the important features of whose business included cutting hair, massaging, clipping hair with barber clippers, singeing the hair, giving tonics, shampooing, and manicuring, but not shaving the face, was not a "barber" within a statute subjecting barbers to examination and regulation. Keith v. State Barber Board, 112 Kan. 834, 212 P. 871, 872, 31 A.L.R. 432.

In England in former times, barbers also practiced surgery and dentistry, but by 32 Hen. VIII, c. 42, barbers, although they were thereby incorporated with the surgeons of London, were not to practice surgery, except the drawing of teeth.

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