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One skilled in some kind of mechanicalcraft or art; a skilled mechanic. O'Clair v.Hale, 25 Misc.Rep. 31;  Warner Memorial University v. Ritenour,  Tex.Civ.App., 56 S.W.2d 236, 237.

As used in lien statutes, the term includes the architect,Kansas City Southern Ry. Co. v. Wallace, 38 Oki. 233, 132P.  908, 911, 46 L.R.A.,N.S., 112, but not a  subcontractor,Huffman v. McDonald, Tex.Civ.App., 261 S.W. 146, 147. An  optometrist is not an "artisan." Swanz v. Clark, 71 Mont. 385, 229 P. 1108.


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