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Systematic application of knowledge orskill in effecting a desired result; also an employment, occupation or business requiring such knowledge or skill; a craft; as industrial arts. Jones Bros. Co. v. Underkoffler, D.C.Pa., 16 F.Supp. 729, 730; Miller v. State, 9 Okl.Cr. 255, 131 P. 717,. 718, L.R.A.1915A, 1088. A principle put in practice and applied to some art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter. Earle v. Sawyer, 4 Mason, 1, Fed.Cas.No.4,247.

In the law of patents, this term means a useful art or manufacture which is beneficial and which is described with exactness in its mode of operation.Such an art can be protected only in the mode and to the  extent thus described. Jacobs v. Baker, 7 Wall. 297, 19 L.Ed. 200. It is synonymous with process or method when used to producea useful result, and may be either a force applied, a mode of  application, or the specific treatment of a specific object, and must produce physical effects. Emmett v. Metals Processing Corporation, C.C.A.Ariz., 118 F.2d 796, 798.

—Prior Art. In patent law, something that a manskilled in the art may by diligence discover. Davis- Bournonville  Co. v. Alexander Milburn Co., C.C.A. N.Y., 1 F.2d 227, 231.

In seduction cases, "art" means the skillful and systematic arrangement of means for the attainment of a desired end. Hayes v. State, 19 Ala. App. 241, 96 So. 647.


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