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An accomplice in crime who accuses others of the same offense, and is admitted as a witness at the discretion of the court to give evidence against his companions in guilt. He is vulgarly called "King's Evidence."

One who confesses himself guilty of felony and accuses others of the same crime to save himself from punishment. Myers v. People, 26 Ill. 175. By the old law, if he failed to convict those he accused he was at once hung. Lee v. State, 115 Fla. 30, 155 So. 123. See, also, Antithetarius.

In old English law. Certain men sent intothe several counties to increase the farms (rents) of hundreds and wapentakes, which formerly were let at a certain value to the sheriff. Cowell.

Bailiffs of lords in their franchises. Sheriffs were called the king's "approvers" in 1 Edw. III, st. 1, c. 1. Termes de la Ley, 49.

Approvers in the Marches were those who had license to sell and purchase beasts there.


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