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That which is obvious, evident, or manifest; what appears, or has been made manifest; appearing to the eye or mind. Walker v. John Smith, T., 199 Ala. 514, 74 So. 451, 453; In respect to facts involved in an appeal or writ of error, that which is stated in the record. An error discovered by close scrutiny of the entire evidence is not "apparent." Stewart v. McAllister, Tex.Civ.App., 209 S.W. 704, 706.

"Apparent" means "open to view," "capable of being easily understood," "evident," "seeming," rather than "true" or "real," "synonymous with," "likely," "probable," or "obvious" and as meaning primarily, "capable of being seen or easily seen, "open to view," "visible to the eye," "within sight or view," and, secondarily, "clear or manifest to the understanding," "plain," "evident," "obvious," "known," "palpable," "indubitable," while "indubitable" has been defined as meaning "certain" or "unquestionable," which is synonymous with "sure." Stevenson v. State, Del., 1 Terry 268, 8 A.2d 914, 915 (in statute requiring driver to stop after automobile accident).

The word "apparent" within rule that use of realty must be apparent to create easement by implication on severance of unity of ownership of dominant and servient tenements does not necessarily mean "visible", but means that easement's indicia, careful inspection of which by person ordinarily conversant with subject would disclose such use, must be plainly visible. Romanchuk v. Plotkin, 215 Minn. 156, 9 N.W.2d 421, 425.


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