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The order of a competent court or magistrate that a person accused of crime be discharged from actual custody upon the taking of bail. People v. Solomon, 15 Pac. 4, 5 Utah, 277.

Admitting to bail is a judicial act to be performed by a court or judicial officer, Trevathan v. Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, 166 Or. 515, 113 P.2d 621, 624; and by "al-. lowing bail" or "admitting to bail" is not meant the formal justification, subscription, or acknowledgment by the sureties, the term first mentioned relating to the order determining that the offense is bailable and fixing the amount of undertaking, and "taking the bail': meaning the final acceptance or approval of it by the court. Clatsop County v. Wuopio, 95 Or. 30, 186 P. 547.

English Ecclesiastical Law
The act of the bishop, who, on approval of the clerk presented by the patron, after examination, declares him fit to serve the cure of the church to which he is presented, by the words "admitto to habilem," I admit thee able. 1 Crabb, Real Prop. p. 138, § 123.

Immigration Laws
Authorities accepting alien seaman into body of our inhabitants as possible resident. U. S. ex rel. Georgas v. Day, C.C.A.N.Y., 43 F.2d 917, 919.

Membership in Corporation
The act of a corporation or company by which an individual acquires the rights of a member of such corporation or company.

Practice as Attorney at Law
The act by which attorneys and counsellors be- come recognized as officers of the court and are allowed to practice.

Testimony or Evidence
Admission or concession by a party in pleading or as evidence. See Admissions.


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