What is ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER? Definition of ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER in Black's Law Dictionary

Politically and as used in constitutional law, an officer of the execu- tive department of government, and generally one of inferior rank; legally, a ministerial or execu- tive officer, as distinguished from a judicial offi- cer. People v. Salsbury, 134 Mich. 537, 96 N.W. 936.

One who performs mere ministerial or administrative functions. In re Gold, C.C.A.N.J., 93 F.2d 676, 680. Offi- cers that are neither judicial nor legislative; executive officers, Spivey v. State, 104 P.2d 263, 277, 69 Okl.Cr. 397. Such as: The clerk of circuit court, State ex rel. and to Use of City of St. Louis v. Priest, 348 Mo. 37, 152 S.W.2d 109, 112. Receivers in bank liquidation proceedings, People ex rel. Nelson v. Crawford State Say. Bank, 310 Ill.App. 533, 34 N.E.2d 872. State highway commissioner, Strobel Steel Const. Co. v. Sterner, 125 N.J.L. 622, 18 A.2d 28, 29.


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