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Managing or conduct of an office or employment; the performance of the executive duties of an institution, business, or the like. Webb v. Frohmiller, 52 Ariz. 128, 79 P.2d 510.

In public law, the administration of govern- ment means the practical management and direction of the executive department, or of the public machinery or functions, or of the operations  of the various organs of the sovereign; direction or oversight of any office, service, or employment. Greene v. Wheeler, C.C.A.Wis., 29 F.2d 468, 469. The term "administration" is also conventionally applied to the whole class of public functionaries, or those in charge of the management of the executive department. House v. Creveling, 147 Tenn. 589, 250 S.W. 357, 358.


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