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To manage or conduct. Glocksen v. Holmes, 299 Ky. 626, 186 S.W.2d 634, 637. To discharge the duties of an office; to take charge of business; to manage affairs; to serve in the conduct of affairs, in the application of things to their uses; to settle and distribute the estate of a decedent. Hunter v. City of Louisville, 208 Ky. 562, 271 S.W. 690, 691.

Also, to give, as an oath; to direct or cause to be taken. Gilchrist v. Comfort, 34 N.Y. 239; Brinson v. State, 89 Ala. 105, 8 So. 527; State v. Van Wormer, 103 Kan. 309, 173 P. 1076, 1081.

To apply, as medicine or a remedy; to give, as a dose or something beneficial or suitable. Barfield v. State, 71 Okl.Cr. 195, 110 P.2d 316, 317. To cause or procure a person to take some drug or other substance into his or her system; to direct and cause a medicine, poison, or drug to be taken into  the  system.  State  v.  Jones,  4  Pennewill ( Del.) 109, 53 Atl. 861; McCaughey v. State, 156 Ind. 41, 59 N.E. 169.

Neither fraud nor deception is a necessary ingredient in the act of administering poison. To force poison into the stomach of another; to compel another by threats of violence to swallow poison; to furnish poison to another for the purpose and with the intention that the person to whom it is delivered shall commit suicide therewith, and which poison is accordingly  taken  by the suicide for that purpose; or to be present at the taking of poison by a suicide, participating in the taking thereof, by assistance, persuasion, or otherwise,—each and all of these are forms and modes of "administering" poison. Blackburn v. State, 23 Ohio St. 146.


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