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To gain by any means, usually by one's own exertions; to get as one's own; to obtain by search, endeavor, practice, or purchase; receive or gain in whatever manner; come to have. Clarno v. Gamble-Robinson Co., 190 Minn. 256, 251 N.W. 268, 269.

In law of contracts and of descents, to become owner of property; to make property one's own. Crutchfield v. Johnson & Latimer, 243 Ala. 73, 8 So.2d 412. To gain ownership of. Commissioner of Insurance v. Broad Street Mut. Casualty Ins. Co., 312 Mass. 261, 44 N.E.2d 683, 684. Broad meaning including both purchase and construction; acquisition being the act of getting or obtaining something which may be already in existence, or may be brought into existence through means employed to acquire it. Ronnow v. City of Las Vegas, 57 Nev. 332, 65 P.2d 133, 140. Sometimes used in the sense of "procure," Jolly v. McCoy, 36 Cal.App. 479, 172 P. 618, 619. It does not necessarily mean that title has passed, Godwin v. Tuttle, 70 Or. 424, 141 P. 1120, 1122. Includes taking by devise, U. S. v. Merriam, 263 U.S. 179. 44 S.Ct. 69, 70 68 L.Ed. 240, 29 A. L. R. 1547.

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