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To "acknowledge" is to admit, affirm, declare, testify, avow, confess, or own as genuine. Favello v.  Bank  of  America Nat. Trust & Savings Ass'n, 24 Cal.App.2d 342, 74 P.2d 1057, 1058.


An avowal or admission that the child is one's own; recognition of a parental relation, either by a written agreement, verbal declarations or statements, by the life, acts, and conduct of the parties, or any other satisfactory evidence that the relation was recognized and admitted. In re Spencer, Sur., 4 N.Y.S. 395; In re Hunt's Estate, 33 N.Y.S. 256, 86 Hun, 232.

Parents formally acknowledged child during ceremony in which both marriage and baptism took place. Cormier v. Cormier, 185 La. 968, 171 So. 93, 97, 98. Letter to registrar of college where child was student. In re Horne's Estate, 149 Fla. 710, 7 So.2d 13, 16.

The "public acknowledgment" of paternity, under Civ. Code Cal. § 230, is the opposite of private acknowledg- ment, and means the same kind of acknowledgment a father would make of his legitimate child. In re Baird's Estate, 193 Cal. 225, 223 P. 974, 994.


Implying obligation or incurring responsibility. Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. v. Marshall, C.C.A. Wash., 102 F.2d 78, 81.

Act of a person who avows or admits the truth of certain facts which, if established, will entail a civil liability upon him. Thus, the debtor's acknowledgment of the creditor's demand or right of action will toll the statute of limitations. Ft. Scott v. Hickman, 112 U.S. 150, 163, 5 Sup.Ct. 56, 28 L.Ed. 636; Letters, Leffek v. Luedeman, 95 Mont. 457, 27 P.2d 511, 91 A.L.R. 286; Lincoln-Alliance Bank & Trust Co. v. Fisher, 286 N.Y.S. 722, 247 App.Div. 465; payments, Erskine v. Upham, 56 Cal.App.2d 235, 132 P.2d 219, 224, 225. McMahan v. Dorchester Fertilizer Co., 184 Md. 155, 40 A.2d 313, 314.

Testator's statement to attesting witness. Anthony v. College of the Ozarks, 207 Ark. 212, 180 S.W.2d 321, 324.


Formal declaration before authorized official, by person who executed instrument, that it is his free act and deed. Jemison v. Howell, 161 So. 806, 230 Ala. 423, 99 A.L.R. 1511. The certificate of the officer on such instrument that it has been so acknowledged. Williford v. Davis, 106 Okl. 208, 232 P. 828, 831.


A sum paid in some parts of England by copyhold tenants on the death of their lords, as a recognition of their new lords, in like manner as money is usually paid on the attornment of tenants. Called a fine by  Blackstone;  2  Bla.Com. 98.

Separate Acknowledgment

An acknowledgment of a deed or other instrument, made by a married woman, on her examination by the officer separate and apart from her husband. Hutchinson v. Stone, 79 Fla. 157, 84 So. 151, 154.


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